Our instructions available for installing and finishing a Mountain Lumber floor are the result of over thirty years of experience with reclaimed wood products. Below is a summary of the general installation guides for our wood flooring products. Because of the stability and quality of our floors, there is some flexibility on our recommended guidelines. Please call us to discuss your individual job site or sub-floor situation. We will provide you a more detailed set of instructions for installation, finishing and care at the time you place your order.

Solid Wood Flooring:

  • Acclimation: We go through a meticulous process to make sure your wood has been properly dried. This process creates a stable wood that will perform well in any type of climate. However, it is still important for your floor to be installed in an environment that is suitable for it to remain stable. The amount of time that wood should be stored in a particular environment before it is ready to be installed is commonly referred to as the acclimation period. The time frame will depend on job site conditions and climate at the time of delivery. The goal is to ensure that the moisture content of the wood approximates that of your living conditions and remains consistent, which is generally a 30-50% humidity level and 60-80 degree temperatures. It is important to remember that change in moisture is what causes wood to move. With wood dried to 6- 9% moisture content and the site conditions at the aforementioned ranges, our flooring will be at equilibrium and will only experience little if any expansion or contraction.
  • Subfloor: We recommend exterior grade plywood in a 5/8”-3/4” thickness. Make sure your subfloor and any other materials such as a concrete slab or joists are also acclimated. There should not be more than a 4% variation between the moisture content of your floor and the subfloor materials at the time of installation. If you are installing over a slab, we recommend two 1/2” layers of plywood screwed together. If your height allowance prohibits this method, please call us so we can advise you of your options.
  • Nail Down: Our 3/4” floors can be installed using a standard floor nailing machine that uses staples or cleat type nails.
  • Sanding:. The level of sanding and type of machine you use will be determined by the look you desire for your floor, from rustic to refined. We will discuss your individual situation during the ordering process and specific details will be provided in your full set of instructions.
  • Finishing: One of the most desirable features of owning an antique wood floor is the rich, beautiful patina that has developed naturally over many years. In appreciation of this inherent beauty we recommend that you do not stain your floor. We will be happy to recommend a suitable natural finish to suit your specific needs.
  • Care and Maintenance: Specific care instructions will be determined by the type of finish you use, but here are some general guidelines:
    • Place walk-off and walk-on mats at each exterior doorway.
    • Attach felt pads under all furniture legs and other heavy moveable objects.
    • Dust mop and vacuum the floor often; wet mop (avoiding excessive moisture) occasionally.
    • Avoid using oil soaps or sprays or wax-based cleaning solutions; typically the manufacturer of your finish will have a recommended cleaning product. Sometimes the simplest ingredients are the best, such as damp mopping with a mixture of white vinegar and water.
    • Keep the areas under furniture and rugs clean. Dirt can wear into the finish causing it to break down over time.

Engineered Wood Flooring

  • Acclimation: We recommend that you keep your Entique™ flooring in the shipping box until the site conditions are correct before you begin installation.
  • Subfloor: Entique™ floors can be installed directly on a concrete slab or plywood subfloor, and either at or below grade if the site conditions are correct.
  • Glue Down: We recommend Franklin® full spread adhesives; your detailed instructions should be based on the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Nail Down: Entique™ flooring may be nailed directly to a plywood subfloor using the same techniques as our solid wood flooring.
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