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Oct 13 2017

Granary Oak — From the Farmlands to America’s Homes

Throughout America’s farmlands, structures are built specifically to store grain. Today, these storage buildings -- called granaries -- are typically made of metal. But years ago, they were constructed of wood. Mountain Lumber’s Granary Oak® brings the warm beauty of granary woods to today’s clients, with reclaimed barn wood that is filled with historic character. Mountain Lumber’s Granary Oak is available in both distressed and planed antique surfaces. Its unusual grain patterns, saw-tooth etchings and other distinguishing character marks tell a story in any space the wood is present. To preserve the historic markings and natural patina of Granary Oak, we hand sand each board slightly. The result is a one-of-a-kind floor, every time. This original patina American oak can be made into solid and engineered flooring or paneling in a range of custom finishes. We currently have it available at Mountain Lumber in the following specs: Solid Flooring Specs Available FSC® Certified Plank Face Widths: 3″- 10″ Plank Thickness: 3/4″ Plank Length: 2′ – 12′ Engineered Flooring Specs Available FSC® Certified Plank Face Widths: 3″-7″ Plank Thickness: 5/8″, 3/4″ Plank Length: 16″ – 10′ Talk to us today about availability and options. And infuse American history into your next project....

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